Outdoor Activities in Pelican Bay: The Ultimate Guide for Enthusiasts

Outdoor Activities in Pelican Bay: The Ultimate Guide for Enthusiasts

The upscale community of Pelican Bay, Naples, has long been home to some of South Florida’s most extraordinary homes, condos, and townhouses. This densely populated neighborhood is well known for its luxurious amenities and resorts along with the neighboring town of Port Royal.

Yet there’s much more to know about this area than the homes for sale in Pelican Bay, Naples, FL, and the long list of cultural sites to explore. The outdoor activities on view in this part of Naples alone make it well worth a visit. Numerous beaches, natural preserves, and gulf-side tours together give Pelican Bay a one-of-a-kind reputation as a welcoming home for enthusiasts looking to get outside and enjoy the natural wonders of South Florida. Here are some of the most exciting sites to explore in Pelican Bay.

#1: Pelican Bay Community Park

The exclusive private community of Pelican Bay makes it an ideal place to enjoy nature in solitude or with friends and family in a controlled environment. Perhaps the first place to visit is the spacious Community Park, which serves as a great place to relax in the sun or as a hub to meet other residents and visitors. Walking along the park’s waterfront edge, it’s not uncommon to encounter native turtles, dolphins, bald eagles, and even ospreys migrating to and from the lower 48.

Access to some areas of the park is reserved for resident members and their guests, which helps to reduce the number of sunbathers and outdoor enthusiasts to a comfortable extent. Tennis, racquetball, basketball, and bocce courts are available to rent for a small fee, and there is also a charming pavilion and lake on view. An ample number of boardwalks and walking paths circle the park, making it easier than ever to get around in comfort.

#2: Clam Pass Park

This family-friendly beach features some of the most pristine white sand in Naples with wide open views of the Gulf that are second to none. It’s a very popular starting point for outdoor enthusiasts, swimmers, trail runners, and visitors of all stripes to congregate. The 3,200 feet of uninterrupted sand at Clam Pass Park comes with a lovely wooden boardwalk and tram line that offers a perfect opportunity to stroll along the half-mile route and view marine life, coastal birds, and butterflies.

Guided tours (available without a reservation) are open from Monday to Saturday from April through December at Clam Pass Park. This part of Pelican Bay is also a great place to visit if you’re looking to take pictures of the marvelous flora and fauna that calls Naples home. Lastly, anyone who loves collecting shells should not pass up the opportunity to stroll through the mangrove forest leading to the beach.

#3: Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

If you’re looking for a change of pace after a few days out on the beach and soaking in the sun, don’t forget to visit the world-renowned Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, located just minutes outside of Pelican Bay. For a low fee, you and your family can walk through the lush gardens and paved paths of the Naples Zoo and catch sight of some of the world’s rarest and most well-known species, like giraffes, pythons, bears, and even the legendary giant anteater. The Naples Zoo is fun for all generations thanks to its commitment to conservation and recreation and bustling schedule of events. Keep your eye on their social calendar to stay up to date with any new community gatherings organized by staff.

#4: Clam Bay Mangrove Estuary

One of the great advantages to living in and visiting Pelican Bay is the access you’ll have to the eye-catching Clam Bay Estuary. This spectacular natural waterway extends eight miles on a round-trip course from Clam Pass Park all the way to its northernmost point at Bay Colony and the Ritz-Carlton. While open to the public, only residents and their guests are permitted to experience the estuary by canoe or kayak. These vessels are available to rent and store at both ends of the waterway, and the memories you’ll make here paddling with friends and family is difficult to overestimate. Be sure to bring your camera in a waterproof bag, however, because the route can sometimes be tricky to navigate at low tide.

#5: Sea Kayaking and Sailing

If you’re in the mood for an even more heart-racing outdoor activity to enjoy in Pelican Bay, there’s no better way to take in the sights than to explore the gulf. Sea kayaks are perhaps the more beginner-friendly way to tour the gulf, and you are free to rent one of six single-person kayaks (or one of six double-person kayaks) by the hour year round. If you’re an experienced sailor, there is also a fleet of four high-end Hobie Wave vessels available for any member, tenant, or guest of Pelican Bay to use. Just keep in mind that there are several conditions to join the waitlist for these vehicles, including having prior experience, wearing a life jacket, and being able to swim.

#6: Pelican Bay Fishing

The last entry on this list of the best outdoor activities to do in Pelican Bay is also one of the most popular: fishing. Reserved strictly to members and their guests over the age of 16 with a valid fishing license, the fishing opportunities are nearly endless in this area of Naples. Drop a line at any number of protected fishing zones that include Clam Bay, the boardwalk, and several beachside areas. Fishing is not allowed on the Berm, however, so make sure you check in with Pelican Bay authorities before you decide to schedule a day out on the water.

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