3 Best New Restaurants in Old Naples

3 Best New Restaurants in Old Naples

Naples has no shortage of great places to eat and drink. Whether you’re a tourist or a recent transplant, you’ll quickly discover that there seems to be something for every palate here. There are some, like Kelly’s Fish House Dining Room, that have been local favorites for generations. There are certainly places in Old Naples that have a storied longevity, but that hasn’t stopped new restaurants from opening their doors in the community. If you’re wondering what the new restaurants in Old Naples are like, here’s a rundown of the best ones.

These are the restaurants that top the list

The newly opened restaurants in Old Naples give a lot of cuisine options to diners. The menu items, quality of food and service, and atmosphere are some of the major factors in a restaurant making the “best of” list.

Del Mar brings a heavy Mediterranean-inspired menu to Old Naples

Del Mar offers diners a menu that is seafood heavy, supported by fresh produce, amazing cheeses, rich olive oils, and flavors from all over the Mediterranean. The spices and flavors are the perfect combinations of one's native to southern Spain, Morocco, Italy, France, and Turkey, all of which make for one of the best dining experiences in the area.

But seafood isn’t the only fare on this carefully curated menu. Del Mar also prepares the perfect steak, whether you’re looking for a filet or ribeye. The lamb is also an excellent choice, as is the half-roasted chicken.

Del Mar also offers patrons a generous happy hour experience. Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 pm, you can enjoy a special menu that offers half off select items and $5 off certain beverages.

Reservations are encouraged at Del Mar. The restaurant also has a private dining room that can accommodate up to 24 guests. In the Capri Room, you’ll have a separate dinner menu to pick from, which will be served to you with top-notch service.

Del Mar opened its doors at 494 5th Avenue South and has quickly become a favorite new restaurant in Old Naples.

Pizzata Pizzeria + Aperitivo might be the best pizza you’ve never experienced

Pizzata Pizzeria + Aperitivo combines the vast knowledge and unbridled passion for pie from two veterans of the pizza world. One is a classically trained pizza chef who represents the latest of three generations in the industry. The other is self-taught, whose drive and talent led to his winning the 2019 USA Caputo Cup.

Their efforts have melded to create a pizza menu that produces New York-style pizza that could very well be the best pizza that has not yet crossed your palate. In addition to their delicious pizzas, you’ll find a menu stacked with incredible pasta and salads, a solid offerings of sandwiches, and traditional Italian desserts.

You’ll find them at 1201 Piper Boulevard.

Nosh on Naples Bay is the perfect date night spot

Award-winning chef Todd Johnson brings his 35+ years of experience to one of the latest restaurants to open their doors in Old Naples. Nosh on Naples Bay draws from cuisine from around the world, blending them into a modern, upscale menu that focuses on the sharing of small plates. The offerings are mostly meat and seafood-focused, but there are tasty vegetable dishes your palate will thank you for, too.

The extensive wine list will give you many options to pair your steak tartare or bluefin tuna with the perfect varietal.

You can follow your appetite to 1490 5th Avenue South. Reservations are recommended, and private dining can be accommodated.

What to consider when trying a new restaurant for the first time

Some folks dine out with regularity, sitting down with a menu multiple times a week. There are some true foodies in Naples who might have regular haunts but also enjoy exploring the many new places that open their doors in Naples.

Others will dine out less often, perhaps saving these events for special occasions. To maximize your restaurant experience, it pays to do a bit of prep work before you call for a reservation.

First, you should take a good look at the online menu. Make sure that what they are offering is fare that you (and your companions) really enjoy or at least have an interest in trying. Some folks are more adventurous than others, but it really does pay to keep an open mind when trying new restaurants in Old Naples for the first time.

Should you have any dietary restrictions or any food allergies, it’s strongly recommended to consult with the restaurant before you dine there. Whether or not a restaurant is able to accommodate vegan/vegetarian fare or is able to easily prepare foods that will be apart from ingredients that you might be allergic to might be listed on their menu. But by calling ahead of time and speaking to a trusted staff member about your restrictions, you’ll know for sure what they’re able to do.

Keep in mind that restaurants tend to quickly evolve soon after they open their doors. Some menu items might quickly disappear if they are not popular, with new ones taking their place. So if you don’t find an item you are in love with the first time you go, check their online menu again in a few months to see if anything has been added.

The bottom line

Dining out is a wonderful way to spend an evening with a date or socializing with a group of new friends. If you are new to Naples, you’ll quickly find that this friendly community has a lot to offer its residents, especially with the number of great restaurants that are supported here. Walter T. Patrick’s years in the real estate industry have afforded him a vast knowledge of the many businesses in Naples. If you are looking for a recommendation on where to dine, shop, or socialize, be sure to ask!

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